Phase Contrast Accessories

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LS720 with Phase Contrast Accessory

The Phase Contrast Accessory expands the capabilities of your

4-Channel LS620 Microscope with Phase Contrast Accessory

LS Microscope by enhancing visualization of transparent specimens including unstained samples. By using phase contrast, living cells can be imaged in their natural state with high contrast and sharp clarity.  These accessories can also be used to obtain high quality brightfield images.

All Etaluma Phase Contrast Accessories make use of the Olympus phase condenser and attach easily to the LS Microscope.  LS620, LS600, LS520, and LS420 use the same Phase Contrast Accessory and it attaches via an adapter on the back of the deck.  The LS720 Phase Contrast Accessory has a different arm that attaches to the LS720 on the upper right surface.

Etaluma offers 2 different Sliders containing phase rings that are matched with their objectives.  The Slider with precentered rings (used with IPC objectives) comes with both Phase Contrast Accessories.  A second Slider with non-precentered rings (used with PH objectives) must be ordered separately. 

Human buccal cells imaged with LS 620 and Phase Contrast Accessory; 40x objective

The 20x, 40x, and 60x PH objectives offer the advantage of a correction collar and thus can be used with labware having a thickness of 0-2 mm.  The IPC objectives are optimal when imaging through 1 mm of plastic or glass.  Both Phase Contrast Accessories are controlled directly by the LS Microscope via a communication cable.


Etaluma offers 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x Phase Contrast Objectives for the precentered Slider and 10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x Phase Contrast Objectives for the non-precentered Slider (see Objectives).  Both types of Objectives provide high quality phase contrast images and also excellent fluorescence images, making them very versatile.  Additionally, very good brightfield is achievable using a Phase Contrast Accessory because the transmitted light coming from the overhead condenser is collimated (parallel rays).

Downloads and Links

Phase Contrast Accessory LS620/LS520/LS420 User Guide

Accessible Deck for LS620, LS520 and LS420
Removing the Accessible Deck insert to change objectives

The NEW Accessible Deck that now comes with every manual LS Microscope has a removable insert that allows easy access to the objective below.  Simply remove the deck insert, unscrew the objective, screw in the new objective, and replace the deck insert.

Accessible Deck 600-Series
Accessible Deck

The Accessible Deck is compatible with the Manual XY Stage and is easily installed in place of the older deck.  Watch our short instructional video to see how easy it is to install and use the new Accessible Deck.



Manual XY Stage

The Manual XY Stage mounts to the top of the LS Microscope deck and holds labware or Labware Holders securely in position. The Manual XY Stage is compatible with LS620/600, LS520/500, and LS420/400.

See Accessories Table below.


Labwear Holders for slides, Petri dishes, and Terasaki plates
Labwear Holders for microscope slides, Petri dishes, and Terasaki plates
Labware Holders

Etaluma offers the following Labware Holders for holding labware secure within the Manual XY Stage (above):

  • Holder for microscope slides & 50 mm Petri dishes, SBS outer dimensions
  • Holder for 35 mm Petri dishes, fits inside Holder for 60mm Petri dishes & Terasaki plates.
  • Holder for 60 mm Petri dishes & Terasaki plates, SBS outer dimensions
  • Holder for 4 microscope slides in parallel, SBS outer dimensions

See Accessories Table below.


Lumaquant Image Analysis Software

Based on DRVision’s Aivia software package, Lumaquant combines powerful image analysis solutions, impressive visualizations, and intuitive editing tools in a single software program to help analyze images quickly and easily.  There is no complicated toolbox to learn and no codes to compile – simply load the images, select a method to run, and get the results.  See Accessories Table below.


Image-Pro Premier Image Analysis SoftwareMC_IPP9_1_Product_page_RevA1

Image-Pro Premier by Media Cybernetics offers intuitive tools that make it easy to process, measure, and analyze your LS Microscope images. This powerful software provides a user-friendly interface, intuitive macros and app building tools, and new and improved ways to automatically segment, classify and measure objects.  See Accessories Table below.

Microvolution Deconvolution Software

Microvolution’s powerful Microvolution Deconvolution Software provides a “Software Confocal” solution for microscopy-based assays using widefield optics without the cost, complexity, and technical drawbacks of confocal microscopy.  Microvolution’s software is up to 200x faster than classical methods, allowing for near real-time deconvolution. Further, it works more effectively in dim light including live-cell and time-lapse experiments, creates cleaner measurements, and allows the user to makes adjustments on the fly so the maximum amount of data can be captured. 

LS Microscope Accessories 
Part NumberAccessory Name
ELAPHASE600OLPPhase Contrast Accessory LS620/LS520/LS420 (Olympus)
ELAPHASE720OLPPhase Contrast Accessory LS720 (Olympus)
ELAXYST600Manual XY Stage, for LS620, :S600, LS500 & LS400
ELA00PHHolder for 35 mm Petri dish
ELA00THHolder for 60 mm Petri dish, Terasaki plate
ELA00SHHolder for microscope slides, 50 mm Petri dish
ELA04SHHolder for 4 microscope slides in parallel
ELW0LQUANTLumaquant image analysis software
ELAIPPImage-Pro Premier analysis software
ELW0MVDMicrovolution image deconvolution software