LS Microscope ModelTitleAuthorsCitationLink
LS MicroscopeA uniform-shear rate microfluidic bioreactor for real-time study of proplatelet formation and rapidly-released plateletsMartinez et al, 2017Biotechnol Prog, pub online Oct 13, 2017Link
LS MicroscopeChitosan-based hydrogels for developing a small-diameter vascular graft: in vitro and in vivo evaluationAussel et al, 2017Biomed Mater 12:Link
LS620 MicroscopeBiomimetic molecular signaling using DNA walkers on microparticlesDamase et al, 2017Sci Rep 7:4081Link
LS MicroscopeA PP2A-mediated feedback mechanism controls
Ca2+-dependent NO synthesis under physiological oxygen
Keeley et al, 2017FASAB J, pub online July 31, 2017Link
Lumascope 500IGFBP2 plays an important role in heat shock protein 27-mediated cancer progression and metastasisHung et al, 2017Oncotarget 8:54978–54992Link
LS620 MicroscopeDistinct roles of Cep192 and Cep152 in acentriolar MTOCs and spindle formation during mouse oocyte maturationLee et al, 2017FASEB J, pub online Oct 2, 2017Link
LS620 MicroscopeNa+/H+ Exchanger 9 Regulates Iron Mobilization at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Response to Iron StarvationBeydoun et al, 2017J Biol Chem 292:4293-4301Link
LS600 MicroscopeRevelation of different nanoparticle-uptake behavior in two standard cell lines NIH/3T3 and A549 by flow cytometry and time-lapse imagingJochums et al, 2017Toxics 5:1-12Link
LS500 MicroscopeCharacterization of microfluidic clamps for immobilizing and imaging of Drosophila melanogaster larva's central nervous systemGhaemi et al, 2017Biomicrofluidics 11,
LS620 MicroscopeSpindlin 1 is essential for metaphase II stage maintenance and chromosomal stability in porcine oocytesChoi et al, 2017Mol Hum Reprod 23:166-176Link
LS500 MicroscopeSynergystic targeting of breast cancer stem-like cells by human gamma-delta T cells and CD8+ T cellsChen et al, 2017Immunol Cel Biol (May 2017) pp 1-10Link
LS500 MicroscopeAgarose spot as a comparative method for in situ analysis of simultaneous chemotactic responses to multiple chemokinesAhmed et al, 2017Sci Rep 7:1075Link
LS620 MicroscopeProtein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit B55a functions in mouse oocyte maturation and early embryonic developmentLiang et al, 2017Oncotarget 8(16): 26979-26991Link
LS620 MicroscopeDengue virus infection increases microglial cell migrationJhan et al, 2017Sci Rep 7:91Link
LS600 MicroscopeThe dietary biogenic amines tyramine and histamine show synergistic toxicity towards intestinal cells in culturedel Rio et al, 2017Food Chem 218:249-255Link
LS620 MicroscopeEffects of antifreeze glycoprotein 8 (AFGP8) supplementation during vitrification on the in vitro developmental capacity of expanded bovine blastocystsLiang et al, 2017Reprod Fertil Dev (Feb 28) pp A-ILink
LS500 MicroscopeElectrophoretic concentration and electrical lysis of bacteria in a microfluidic device using a nanoporous membraneIslam et al, 2017Micromachines 8, 45:1-19Link
Lumascope MicroscopePrecise observation of C. elegans dynamic behaviours under controlled thermal stimulus using a mobile phone–based microscopeYoon et al, 2017J Microsc 266:28-34Link
LS500 MicroscopeAntimicrobial activity, cytotoxicity and chemical analysis of lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus) and pure citralAdukwu et al, 2016Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 100:9619-9627Link
LS620 MicroscopeAnillin controls cleavage furrow formation in the course of asymmetric division during mouse oocyte maturationLee et al, 2016Mol Reprod Dev 83:792-801Link
LS500 MicroscopePolysialic acid sustains cancer cell survival and migratory capacity in a hypoxic environmentElkashef et al, 2016Sci Rep (Sep 9) pp 1-11Link
LS500 MicroscopeThrombomodulin influences the survival of patients with non-metastatic colorectal cancer through epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT)Chang et al, 2016PLoS One (Aug 11) pp 1-13Link
LS500 MicroscopeIntercellular transfer of P-glycoprotein in human blood-brain barrier endothelial cells is increased by histone deacetylase inhibitorsNoack et al, 2016Sci Rep (Jul 4), pp 1-10Link
LS620 MicroscopeTropomodulin-3 is essential in asymmetric division during mouse oocyte maturationJo et al, 2016Sci Rep (Jul 4), pp 1-14Link
LS620 MicroscopeAccessible bioprinting: adaptation of a low-cost 3D-printer for precise cell placement and stem cell differentiation.Reid at al, 2016Biofabrication 8:1-12Link
LS600 MicroscopeIntermolecular biparatopic trapping of ErbB2 prevents compensatory activation of PI3K/AKT via RAS-p110 crosstalkTamaskovic et al, 2016Nat Commun (Jun 3), pp 1-18Link
LS500 MicroscopeCytotoxic amounts of cisplatin induce either checkpoint adaptation or apoptosis in a concentration-dependent manner in cancer cellsSwift & Golsteyn, 2016Biol Cell 108:127-148Link
LS600 MicroscopeScreening of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli able to antagonize the cytotoxic effect of Clostridium difficile upon intestinal epithelial HT29 monolayerValdés-Varela et al, 2016Front Microbiol 7:1-12Link
LS620 MicroscopeA quantitative cell modeling and wound-healing analysis based on the Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) methodYang et al, 2016Comput Biol Med 69:134-143Link
LS620 MicroscopeDepletion of the LINC complex disrupts cytoskeleton dynamics and meiotic resumption in mouse oocytesLuo et al, 2016Sci Rep (Feb 4), pp 1-11Link
Lumascope MicroscopeA systemized approach to investigate Ca2+ synchronization in clusters of human induced pluripotent stem-cell derived cardiomyocytesJones et al, 2016Front Cell Dev Biol 3:1-16Link
LS500 MicroscopeGlucose-regulated protein 94 mediates metastasis by CCT8 and the JNK pathway in hepatocellular carcinomaWei et al, 2016Tumor Biol 37:8219-8227Link
LS600 MicroscopeComparative analysis of the in vitro cytotoxicity of the dietary biogenic amines tyramine and histamineLinares et al, 2016Food Chem 197:658-663Link
LS600 MicroscopeRecognition and killing of cancer stem-like cell population in hepatocellular carcinoma cells by cytokine-induced killer cells via NKG2d-ligands recognitionRong et al, 2016Oncoimmunology 5:1-14Link
LS400 MicroscopeRole of substrate flexibility on cardiac cell culture electrophysiological propertiesL. Gómez-Cid et al, 2016Comput Cardiol 43:749-752Link
LS400 MicroscopeAbasic pivot substitution harnesses target specificity of RNA interferenceLee at al, 2015Nat Commun (Dec 18), pp 1-14Link
LS600 MicroscopeMonitoring in real time the cytotoxic effect of Clostridium difficile upon the intestinal epithelial cell line HT29Valdés et al, 2015J Microbiol Methods 119:66-73Link
LS500 MicroscopeA microfluidic device for rapid quantification of cell-free DNA in patients with severe sepsisYang et al, 2015Lab Chip 15:3925-3933Link
LS600 MicroscopeCytokine-induced killer cells efficiently kill stem-like cancer cells of nasopharyngeal carcinoma via the NKG2D-ligands recognitionWei et al, 2015Oncotarget 6:35023-35039Link
LS620 MicroscopeOpen source and DIY hardware for DNA nanotechnology labsDamase et al, 2015J Biol Methods 2:1-16Link
Lumascope MicroscopePotential and limitations of microscopy and Raman spectroscopy for live-cell analysis of 3D cell culturesCharwat et al, 2015J Biotechnol 205:70-81Link
Lumascope MicroscopeThe design and discovery of water soluble 4-substituted-2,6-dimethylfuro[2,3-d]pyrimidines as multitargeted receptor tyrosine kinaseiInhibitors and microtubule targeting antitumor agentsZhang et al, 2015Bioorg Med Chem: 22:3753-3772Link
Lumascope MicroscopeLow-glucose enhances keratocyte-characteristic phenotype from corneal stromal cells in serum-free conditionsFoster et al, 2015Sci Rep (Jun 3), pp 1-16Link
Lumascope MicroscopeNew self-assembling multifunctional templates for the biofabrication and controlled self-release of cultured tissueGouveia et al, 2015Tissue Eng, Pt 2, 21:1772-1784Link
LS500 MicroscopeMicrofluidic devices for imaging neurological response of Drosophila melanogaster larva to auditory stimulusGhaemi et al, 2015Lab Chip 15:1116-1122Link
LS500 MicroscopeInception of vortical coherent structures from spinning magnetic nanoparticles in rotating magnetic fields – New nanofluid microscale mixing toolGravel et al, 2015Chem Eng J 260:338-346Link
LS500 MicroscopeAn in vitro microfluidic gradient generator platform for antimicrobial testingDiCicco & Neethirajan, 2015BioChip J 8:282-288Link
Lumascope MicroscopeHydrogels for 3D mammalian cell culture: a starting guide for laboratory practiceRuedinger et al, 2015Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 99:623-636Link
LS500 MicroscopeNode retraction during patterning of the urinary collecting duct systemLindström et al, 2015J Anat 226:13-21Link
LS500 MicroscopeA library of mammalian effector modules for synthetic morphologyCachat et al, 2014J Biol Eng 8:1-11Link
LS500 MicroscopeLive cell imaging and biophotonic methods reveal two types of mutant huntingtin inclusionsCaron et al, 2014Hum Mol Genet 23:2324-2338Link
Lumascope MicroscopeDiscovery of antitubulin agents with antiangiogenic activity as single entities with multitarget chemotherapy potentialGangjee et al, 2014ACS Med Chem Lett 5:480-484Link
LS600 MicroscopeEvaluation of CdTe/CdS/ZnS core/shell/shell quantum dot toxicity on three-dimensional sheroid culturesMehriban et al, 2015Toxicol Res 5:126Link
LS500 MicroscopeMagnetically induced agitation in liquid-liquid-magnetic nanoparticle emulsions: Potential for proess intensificationOlivier et al, 2014AIChE Journal 60:1176-1181Link
Lumascope MicroscopeBioactive films produced from self-assembling peptide amphiphiles as versatile substrates for tuning cell adhesion and tissue architecture in serum-free conditionsGouveia et al, 2013J Mater Chem B 1:6157-6169Link