Etaluma’s inverted LS microscopes (Lumascopes) constitute a dramatic new concept in solid-state optics with outstanding sensitivity, maximum resolution, and zero pixel shift.  Power, control, and image capture are via a USB connection to a PC and include time-lapse and live videos.  Providing true next-gen microscopy, the compact, inverted design allow imaging in a wide range of labware and settings, including live cell imaging in incubators, hoods, and other challenging locations.  Etaluma’s newest model, the LS720 microscope, automates the LS620 microscope’s 3-color optical platform with an automated XY stage and Z autofocus, combining high resolution cell imaging with high content microscopy at a very affordable price. 

From Alex Zambon at the Keck Graduate Institute, “…The Lumascope 720 has enabled our small budget laboratory to extract real-time data from our multi-color live cell reporters. Thanks to the 720, we have been able to switch over from expensive ELISA based broken cell assays that measure the average signal across heterogeneous populations of cells at a single time point to now acquiring essentially free data points at single cell resolution over time. Also, thanks to the motorized stage and multiwell format we don’t need to use our plate reader anymore.”