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Etaluma is delivering the future of microscopy with the LumaScope series of low-cost, research-grade imaging instruments.

By creating a strikingly simple and innovative fluorescent microscope, Etaluma has dramatically lowered the cost of this powerful technology. Previously only available to large, well-funded laboratories, now smaller labs, individual researchers, and scientists in the developing world can access the potential of fluorescent microscopes.

Our team is bringing together top talents from a wide range of disciplines to revolutionize the way microscopes are designed. Meet the team…

Customers do not want more choice. They want exactly what they want-when, where, and how they want it.

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LumaScope 500 Time Lapse

Observe cardiac myocytes undergoing division, time-lapse imaged with phase contrast on the LumaScope 500 by Dr. Zambon at UCSD.

LumaScope and Muhammad Yunus

2/26/2010 - 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus discusses the LumaScope with Etaluma Co-Founder Brian Rasnow